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The future development of the Pines on Hume is located in Conmee Township.

Redefining Rural Retirement

Defining the Need

Canada is experiencing a demographic shift that it has never experienced before; an aging population that is putting pressures on systems designed for an overall younger population.  Coupled with declining fertility rates, longer life expectancies and lower workforce participation, the strains on health care systems, housing and social systems experienced across the country threaten to affect the standard of living for many Canadians in the years to come.  This uncertainty is compounded for rural residents who already lack equitable access to care compared to their urban counterparts. Canada is at a pivotal time in terms of the immediate need to re-evaluate how our systems serve the needs of its most vulnerable residents.

Similar to many provinces across the country, the province of Ontario is experiencing the pressures of an aging population and declining fertility rate. Ontario’s population has many nuances which greatly affect the access to care for residents throughout the various regions. Exploring the variances, particularly for Northwestern Ontario, helps to understand the need to locally develop strategies to ensure safe and sustainable communities; ensuring access to a good quality of life with equitable access to care.  Population aging is impacting Northern Ontario more significantly than the rest of the province. 

The need for senior housing is continuing to grow, particularly for seniors and vulnerable populations in need of assisted care for long term chronic issues and mental health. Locally, the matter is compounded by a lack of facilities available to meet the demand, resulting in long wait times. 

For residents of the Township of Conmee and surrounding communities, the need for care forces them to move from their rural home communities to the large urban centre of Thunder Bay.  We believe there has to be a better way to care for our residents throughout their senior years.  This belief has led to the goal of creating a three phase seniors development in the Township of Conmee.

The Pines on Hume Development

Future Development


Located on nearly 100 acres of land in Conmee Township, this site will be home to a holistic seniors living community, The Pines on Hume.   Phase 1 of development is currently being undertaken, with the development of a 65 unit seniors living facility.

Why Conmee?

  • This is a unique development for a community of our size; and in fact seeks to create a community within a community.  It will be of 1st class quality; allowing people the opportunity to downsize in size, not quality
  • The development is proposed on approximately 100 acres; allowing development to maintain a rural lifestyle we all enjoy in the country
  • We have an aging population; a development like this ensures the quality of life for our residents as they age, while reducing barriers to service access; including healthcare
  • The proximity to the village of Kakabeka Falls, helps promote regional development, providing alternatives of care for rural residents

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