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Vision and Planning


 Mayor Holland envisioned building a community within Conmee Township where rural senior residents can live the remainder of their lives and have their health care needs addressed. The multi-phase development will see seniors housing and an advanced care facility complete with a hospice unit, which will allow for ease of transition as any health care needs arise without the requirement to move to an urban centre. In 2014 the Township of Conmee purchased the property of Robert (Bob) Rydholm on Hume Road, the nearly 100 acres of property provides for ample space to see the vision become a reality 

The Conmee Non-Profit Housing Corporation has been working with CGV Developments, a full-service developer based out of Cochrane, Ontario, to bring a senior's living complex to the Township of Conmee. Located in an idyllic rural setting, the Project will create an all-encompassing community environment. A first-class complex allowing its residents to live their golden years with comfort and enjoyment, the Project will include state-of-art one (1) and two (2) bedroom units along common areas and space aimed towards bringing services to its residents.

At this time, to ensure the development breaks ground in the Spring of 2020, CGV has asked that we develop a list of people interested in a Seniors Living Complex in Conmee. This list provides statistical data, as the need established will determine the size of the facility. 

The Pines on Hume

Pines on Hume


The need for housing all across Canada is continuing to grow, particularly for seniors and vulnerable populations in need of assisted care for long term chronic issues and mental health. Locally, the matter is compounded by a lack of facilities available to meet the demand, resulting in long wait times. The lack of beds and specialists in the Thunder Bay region has resulted in people waiting; years on average, for long term care openings. The resulting pressure of these waittimes is felt the hardest by families providing caregiving services; who often have to look at facilities far from their home communities. For residents of the Township of Conmee and surrounding communities, the need for care forces them to move from their rural home communities to an urban centre. The Mayor and Council for the Township of Conmee believes there has to be a better way to care for our residents throughout their senior years. This belief has led to the creation of the Conmee Non Profit Housing Corporation and the development of THE PINES ON HUME; a multi phase seniors development in the Township of Conmee..

Rydholm Manor



Rydholm Manor is the first phase which will provide the

means to ensure the overall vision of the Pines on Hume

can be acheived. Rydholm Manor will enable people to 

enjoy the comfort of living their senior’s years in a familiar

rural environment. The facility would also include a shared common area to bring in service providers, community organizations and businesses to provide services to the residents and community. Maintaining the rural feel is a key component and will be achieved through the development of a shared outdoor living space.


  A wait list of potential residents has been forming and we encourage you to sign up quickly to reserve your spot.  There is no commitment created by signing up.  You will however receive updates on the Project and preference for units as we inch towards occupancy.   

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